A new way towards the Theory of Everything: Universe conjectured as a 3D Newtonian lattice and Matter conjectured as topological singularities of this lattice

One fundamental problem of modern physics is the search for a theory of everything able to explain the nature of space-time, what matter is and how matter interacts. There are various propositions, as Grand Unified Theory, Quantum Gravity, Supersymmetry, String and Superstring Theories, and M-Theory. However, none of them is able to consistently explain at the present and same time electromagnetism, relativity, gravitation, quantum physics and observed elementary particles.  

Here, it is suggested that Universe could be a massive elastic 3D-lattice, and that fundamental building blocks of Ordinary Matter could consist of topological singularities of this lattice, namely diverse dislocation loops, disclination loops and dispiration loops. One finds, for an isotropic elastic lattice obeying Newton’s law, with specific assumptions on its elastic properties, that the behaviors of this lattice and of its topological defects display “all” known physics, including electromagnetism, relativity, gravitation and quantum physics, and could resolve some longstanding questions of modern cosmology, as the universe expansion, the big-bang and the dark energy. It appears above all a completely new scalar charge, the curvature charge, which has no equivalence in the modern physical theories, and which allows one to give very simple explanations of the weak asymmetry observed between matter and anti-matter, the weak interaction force, the formation of galaxies, the disappearance of antimatter, the formation of gigantic black holes in the heart of the galaxies and the famous dark matter. Moreover, studying lattices with axial symmetries, one can identify a lattice structure whose topological defect loops coincide exactly with the complex zoology of elementary particles, and which allows one to explain simply the asymptotical nature of the strong interaction force.

Book: G. Gremaud, “Universe and Matter conjectured as a 3-dimensional Lattice with Topological Singularities”, Amazon, Charleston (USA) 2016, 650 pages
ISBN 978-2-8399-1934-0, available on Amazon, Create Space and Kindle
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Livre: G. Gremaud, “Univers et Matière conjecturés comme un Réseau Tridimensionnel avec des Singularités Topologiques”, Amazon, Charleston (USA) 2016, 664 pages
ISBN  978-2-8399-1940-1, disponible sur Amazon, CreateSpace  et Kindle
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Article: G. Gremaud, “Universe and Matter conjectured as a 3-dimensional Lattice with Topological Singularities”, July 2016,  Journal of Modern Physics, 7, 1389-1399 , DOI 10.4236/jmp.2016.712126

Article: G. Gremaud, “Maxwell’s equations as a special case of deformation of a solid lattice in Euler’s coordinates”, September 2016,  arXiv :1610.00753 [physics.gen-ph]

Illustrated summary (V10): “Universe and Matter conjectured as a 3-dimensional Lattice with Topological Singularities”, Lausanne, March 2017, 41 pages
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.14804.81280
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Summary of the theory: “Could the Universe be a massive elastic 3D-lattice and ordinary matter consist of topological singularities?”, Lausanne, November 2014 
DOI 10.13140/2.1.4252.1607
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  1. Site - Saturday May 21st, 2016 @ 09:14 AM

    “OK. Now my head is spinning. Let’s come back to more practical things. Have you thought about how Lattice Theory would apply to light going through objects?”

  2. o4YpGfgQDuZec - Monday July 11th, 2016 @ 08:35 PM

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  3. Davor Pavuna - Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 @ 12:35 PM

    Bon courage, dear GG! Let’s hope that our Physics community will critically appreciate and study your approach, as we surely need some ‘corrections’ to our ‘standard’ physics.

  4. John Best - Sunday October 23rd, 2016 @ 07:09 AM

    Greetings Professor Gremaud,
    I have also proposed a 3 dimensional cubic lattice that fills the entire universe. It is explained in the “Universal Lattice Theory” at http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=32. It is explained in a simple mechanical manner with little math or attempts to make it fit with mainstream theories. If you link to it in the references section of your website, then I will reciprocate by linking to your theory (at your preferred URL) on the “Resources” page of Vida Institute at http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id=335.
    Warmest regards,
    John Best

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